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Centerbrook, Connecticut

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Surfridge Brewing Co.

What started as an idea between Steve and Jennifer Lieberman in 2014, has blossomed into a two-location brewery with the community in each location at the core. While both locations offer their own cuisine, style, and culture, both locations offer delicious Surfridge beer, a welcoming atmosphere, and a nod to local history.

Named for a former seaside community that now serves as a blue butterfly preserve, our beers are a show of respect and gratitude for neighborhoods that endure change while staying true to the core beauty and heritage that fuels them.

The Butterfly

The butterfly is an "El Segundo Blue" - It is endemic to a small dune ecosystem in Southern California that used to be a community called Palisades del Rey (Locally known as "Surfridge"), close to LAX. In 1976 it became a federally designated endangered species. We love the idea that something so precious and beautiful was found (and protected) in such a ruggedly urban area. It sits atop our logo to remind us to look for the beauty in the world.

The Light Post

This style of light post is an iconic staple found in Los Angeles, where we founded our first taproom. As we add locations in the country, the lightpost is to always humble and remind us of how it started.

The Fencing

When the El Segundo blue was discovered in Surfridge, and designated as an endangered species, the state came in and put up chain link fencing all around the area to help protect the butterflies. This fencing (and the preserve) is still there to this day.

Brewing Co

Because at the core, even though each location will have it's own unique offerings, you'll always find amazing delicious beer when you find a Surfridge location.


Surfridge was once a wealthy beachfront enclave neighborhood and was frequented by Hollywood’s elite include Cecil B. De Mille, Mel Blanc, and Mae Murray.

What’s On Tap

Surfridge has a 20-barrel production taproom in El Segundo, California, and a 10-barrel production taproom and eatery in Centerbrook, Connecticut.

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